Selecting the ideal wedding photographer can be daunting. A good place to start when searching is asking recently married friends about who they used or browsing Instagram, Facebook and wedding forums like Hitched for ideas.

Take time to review their portfolio and website before reaching out to discuss your vision with them.


Just as having a paint brush doesn’t guarantee one an artist, so too having a camera doesn’t automatically qualify one to become a wedding photographer. Experience and an artistic eye are what distinguish great photographers. When reviewing work samples of potential photographers it is essential that full galleries be seen instead of only seeing selected shots from one wedding; this will give a better indication of how well they capture all aspects of your wedding day in just one photo and also the quality of images produced.

Experienced photographers also know how to manage any unexpected circumstances that may arise during your big day, from weather and venue restrictions (ie lighting/space issues for reception parties) to other issues that arise. It is crucial that a wedding shooter remain calm and professional in such circumstances – as it is an unforgettable event!

As part of your interview process, be sure to ask the photographer about their experience and how they’d handle any unexpected circumstance on your wedding day. They should provide examples from past situations they have been faced with as evidence. Alongside experience, wedding photographers must also possess an in-depth knowledge of photography’s technical aspects such as aperture selection for low light situations or when and how to use slow shutter speeds for motion capture as well as small details like framing photos to avoid unsightly branches being present – this should all be explained easily to ensure everyone involved understands.


One of the key aspects of selecting a wedding photographer is selecting someone with an aesthetic that aligns with yours. Although this may sound obvious, it’s easy to become seduced by stunning wedding images only to realize later that their style does not align with yours and won’t work for your big day.

Your search should begin by exploring wedding photographers’ websites and social media pages to view examples of their work. Pay particular attention to aesthetic considerations: is their work dark and moody, bright and fine art or somewhere in between? Once you have narrowed down your options, ask each of your top choices to send full galleries from actual weddings so you can better assess how they approach standard moments such as taking shots with Grandma and cake cutting.

Notably, most photographers don’t simply specialize in one style; rather they often incorporate elements from several into their work. For example, an experienced photojournalism-style shooter might also create beautiful fine art portraits. For something really different and unusual, look for someone specializing in editorial photography; similar to fashion photography it produces dramatic and unexpected images.

Wedding shows and expos can also provide an effective means of finding photographers suited to your tastes, as these events aim to connect couples with vendors while offering examples of their work in vendor markets. Some photographers even provide packages and pricing information at these events – providing another excellent way of beginning your search for an ideal photographer!


Once you find photographers that resonate with your style, request full galleries of their photos to see whether the quality matches up. A few stunning shots may do, but for an event as special as your wedding day it is important that their work can capture it all and tell its unique tale in stunning fashion.

Be sure to explore their Instagram and see the type of posts they share regularly as this is an indicator of the type of photos they will capture on your special day. Finally, ask the photographer if they have ever shot at your venue before as this gives them the added advantage of knowing your venue well and being able to recommend some great spots for stunning photographs.

Find a photographer that puts more focus on getting to know you than on explaining their packages and policies during consultations; that way they’ll be more comfortable around you, leading to authentic photos that capture more intimate moments.

Once you have narrowed down your list of photographers, call or arrange a Zoom call with each. This allows you to assess whether or not they are easy to communicate with and understand what you want from them for your day – this will be key in creating an efficient experience with minimal stress or unexpected problems on the big day! Don’t be shy about telling them that they may not be suitable – they will appreciate being given this chance and can open their date up to another couple.


Finding a wedding photographer requires careful consideration, with many variables at play when making this choice. One such factor is cost; how much value they bring will affect their cost, just like filet mignon costs more than other cuts of meat, photographers offering more experience & images will tend to charge more than those who don’t offer this additional value.

Reviewing a photographer’s portfolio and delivered galleries is the ideal way to determine their worth as an investment. Here, you’ll get an understanding of their work style, quality of photographs, as well as what they are capable of in different environments.

Consider how long a Wedding Photography service has been operating for. This will give you a better idea of their experience in photographing weddings over time.

Consider how many clients the photographer works with regularly to gauge how busy they are and whether or not they have time for you on your special day.

Before meeting with potential wedding photographers, write out a list of questions. This will ensure all necessary details are discussed and will prevent you from forgetting any important inquiries. Bringing images that reflect what type of photography you prefer may also help them better comprehend what you require.


On your big day, you will spend much time with your wedding photographer; therefore it is crucial that you are comfortable with them and can form an instantaneous connection. A talented photographer should help make you feel relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, enabling natural smiles to show through in their photographs. A great wedding photographer should also have experience managing stress efficiently while ensuring everything gets captured effectively.

Once you have compiled a shortlist of photographers, take time to review their websites, Instagram feeds, reviews and Facebook pages to gain an understanding of who they are as individuals. Ask for references from past clients so you can read about their experience while viewing photos from their wedding day. It may also help if full albums from prior weddings can provide an idea if their style and quality meet what you require.

Once you’ve selected several photographers from your list, it’s advisable to reach out via their website and request a phone call or Skype chat so you can discuss their services and ask any pertinent questions about them. This step in particular gives an important indicator of how each company handles clients, how quickly and thoroughly they respond to inquiries, as well as their communication style – particularly through email – on wedding days and beyond.


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