Your public relations campaign will never achieve the results it wishes to achieve if you do not have proper preparation. Planning and preparation is the key for a successful PR campaign. Otherwise, people will not notice the product or business you are planning to introduce. As always, choosing the right words to say in your press release is the key.

Experts have provided tips and strategies for an effective PR campaign so read on and learn before starting your elaborate plan.

1 – Create an informative press release: You may have written the best piece of press release, but if does not effectively provide the right information regarding your business, it will be an effort gone to waste.

No self-respecting publisher will publish a press release material that is all hype but lacking the vital information.

2 – Write to inform: Not all readers or audience know every nook and cranny of a certain city. As customers could come from anywhere, your press release must be specific about your business location. Do not assume that they know where a certain street is, and in what city it is located. Heck, there are multiple street names that are used in different cities so tell them of the specific geographical location. 

3 – Your headline is everything: Headlines are what makes people stop to read – whether they’re scrolling in social media or going through news articles in a newspaper or magazine. Make your headlines witty, catchy, or funny.

4 – Use a photo that catches attention: Believe the saying that: “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so attach an image to your press release that is relevant to the information you are providing. Choose the best photo to represent it. Do not crowd it with so many photos because they would render your release worthless.

5 – Limit your words: People nowadays have very short attention span – they do not have the patience to read long articles or even watch long videos. Keep your words to a minimum. Experts recommend using 300 to 400 words.

6 – Personalize your introduction: Don’t you just hate it when people do not address you properly or if they misspell your name? The same goes for letter of introduction that are addressed to those in-charge of publication. 

7 – Provide links: Readers would always want to know more so make sure you provide links to your business website. You would also need to provide contact information like the name of a contact person, a phone number, and a working email. Most customers get turned off if they are unable to reach anyone for their questions.

8 – Emphasize the right details: No, people do not want to know what similarities your product has with those already in the market. The purpose it to make it stand out! Tell people what’s new and different about it, what makes it unique!

9 – Precision counts: It may seem that knowing what to say and what to show about your business is as easy as 1-2-3, but it’s not. Do not be overconfident. Check everything first before sending your press release.

10 – Make your PR firm focus on results: It’s not a numbers game. More press release sent doesn’t mean your PR agency is doing its best. Analyze the results and check if your press release has reached its target audience.

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