Are you launching a new product, service or business? If you want to create a buzz and make customers notice your new product, service or business, you need to create a hype before the actual launch date. Introducing your product prior to its launch and actual introduction should be your priority.

To achieve a successful and talked about opening or launching, you need to plan. Your best bet would be a PR strategy. Public relations is very important in attracting possible customers. It could make or break a business. Follow the simple PR strategies below to achieve the results you want:

  • Create and grow your social media following.

Social media has become the most powerful tools of the trade. Your business will never be complete without it, so create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Join social media groups where you could obtain followers for your product or business. Follow similar interests, and have them follow you back.

Join forums that speak of businesses similar to yours, and provide simple hints about your business as you reply to forum topics. Say something like, “I’ve also been a believer of this product so I actually tried it for myself and found this product [product name] to be effective as well.”

  • Set reasonable goals for your PR campaign.

You cannot reach a million people overnight so be specific with your expectations and strategy. Start reaching out to local groups in your area first because they are the closest to your location. After this, plan which other groups or sectors you want to introduce your product to.

Use creative and convincing language when introducing your business. Remember that a poorly written PR campaign or introduction will never get you the exposure you desire. Choose your words wisely. Use words that would make customers want to know more. Make them excited and anticipate the very day of your business opening or product launching.

  • Create a press release and send them to the right people.

A press release can do wonders for your business. Feed them information about your product or business. Introduce it to as many news media as possible.

When writing a press release, write about the most important information first, followed by the second most important info, and down to the least important.

Get in touch with the right news agencies in the print and broadcast industries. Do your research and make a list of the people in-charge of publishing press releases. If you’re promoting a clothing line, you should get in touch with a magazine or newspapers lifestyle editor, not the opinion section editor. Get their contact information like email addresses and phone numbers in case you need to make a follow up.

  • Hire experts.

If all else fails, entrust your PR campaign to the experts! They know the business better than you do. Talk to a trusted PR manager or firm. Talk to them and let them know what you want out of the campaign, and they will do the rest for you.

This is your best option to create a hassle-free and stress-free campaign. It’s like putting everything in auto pilot!

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