Becoming a Pokemon expert requires dedication, hard work and patience – but it’s also loads of fun!

Starting off, your task is to collect as many Pokemon as possible by throwing Poke Balls at wild Pokemon or visiting Pokemon Centers, then fill your Pokedex – an electronic encyclopedia of all your collected creatures – with accurate information.

1. Train Your Pokemon

Pokemon are raised and controlled by Trainers who battle them to make them stronger. Each Pokemon possesses distinct strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the most compatible team is of key importance for success.

Every time your Pokemon battles, it gains experience values (EVs). Accumulating these EVs is essential to leveling up and becoming a more effective Trainer; here are a few simple strategies to maximize EV training:

As an example, always protect the weakest Pokemon to ensure it gets plenty of experience when fighting wild Pokemon while your stronger Pokemon rest. Also remember only fighting when it will benefit EV training rather than waste your time and weaken it – this tip is especially important when facing powerful trainers such as Gym Leaders.

There are various approaches to training your Pokemon. Some Trainers prioritize raising happy and healthy Pokemon while others may prefer creating an effective team.

Every time your Pokemon battles, it accrues Experience Value points in its stats – and the higher their EVs are, the stronger it becomes. One way of increasing these EVs is through EV Training: repeatedly fighting Pokemon that provide it with enough Experience Value to progress further in battles and earn new ones for itself.

Items may also help your Pokemon earn extra EVs more rapidly; for instance, the Macho Brace doubles EV points earned while also decreasing speed. Furthermore, special moves known as EV-Boosting moves may give your Pokemon extra EVs; use them sparingly.

2. Catch Pokemon

Capturing Pokemon is an essential aspect of the game and one of the keys to becoming an expert at Pokemon. To capture one, first weaken it by throwing Poke Balls at it until its HP drops enough so you can capture it.

Each Pokemon has a distinct capture rate which depends on its species, HP and status effects. Players can increase their odds of capturing one by using curve balls, Razz Berries or throwing the Poke Ball when its coloured circle is at its smallest point.

There are also a number of tricks and tips you can use to increase your catching rate, such as long swipes to hit Pokemon further away and quick swipes for close-by catches.

3. Battle Trainers

Trainers in Pokemon GO can battle other players, earning rewards and ranking up through winning battles and earning rankings. You can do battle locally by using the Nearby menu and scanning their QR code or by challenging another trainer through Friends List’s “Challenge Trainers” button. You can go to to learn more about this.

Players can battle Candela, Blanche and Spark — their Team Leaders — at any time simply by scrolling down the battle page. These matches earn rewards based on how many available Pokemon and HP remain at the end of a battle; an optional Protect Shield can help limit damage incurred by Pokemon using Charged Attacks that are more powerful than normal attacks; two Protect Shields per battle may come in handy during battles!

4. Battle the Elite Four

Each region boasts four of the strongest trainers known as Elite Four who pose the ultimate test in becoming a Pokemon Champion. Conquering them is the final challenge on your journey towards becoming one.

Once players obtain eight badges, they can challenge the Elite Four trainers of Paldea City. Similar to gym leaders, each trainer must be battled one at a time in order to defeat them all and reach victory.

While saving between each battle might feel indulgent, doing so allows players to gain experience and understand their opponents better, as well as level up their Pokemon more quickly.

As is typical for the Elite Four members, each has his or her own strategy when it comes to battle strategies. Poppy relies heavily on her steel-type team that includes Copperajah who is ten times tougher than herself for combatting Dragon-, Fire-, and Ground-type Pokemons; Drasna, Wikstrom, and Siebold are used by Drasna Wikstrom Siebold respectively for such battles.

5. Battle the Champion

Pokemon games of today may become quite repetitive over time, even though each has unique graphics and Pokemon, yet the basic formula remains the same – you battle rivals to earn badges.

As part of your battle strategy, make sure your team contains an assortment of Pokemon types. Many enemy Pokemon possess vulnerabilities against certain types and could suffer more from attacking one of those than they might from attacking an attacker with resistance against that type. Conversely, your own Pokemon may possess resistances against certain attacks to reduce any possible damages to themselves during battles.

Make sure your Pokemon is always prepared to retreat if necessary; this allows them to absorb hits without falling too far behind in battle. When grading cards, make sure to carefully inspect the holographic area for scratches and flaws; a magnifying lamp may help identify these small flaws more easily.

Once you’ve beaten the Elite Four and achieved Gym Leader status, there’s one final step towards becoming an expert – challenging a Champion! Champions are some of the world’s most formidable Trainers and are widely revered. However, taking on one can be daunting since these heroes often employ multiple Pokemon with powerful stats as well as sophisticated strategies in order to defeat you!

As Champions’ Pokemon often possess unique special abilities that render them even more powerful, it is wise to build a balanced party when facing them. Keep in mind that Champions are usually free of additional duties other than participating in region-endangering events or battling legendary Pokemon; however, they still may have additional responsibilities such as Steven being the heir to Devon Corporation, Lance being one of G-Men’s elite agents or Diantha becoming an internationally acclaimed actress or Geeta serving as Paldea League Chairwomen; thus having a well-balanced party can only help in fighting them more.

6. Become a Gym Leader

Being a Gym Leader is a daunting challenge: not only are you responsible for training your own Pokemon, but you must also manage an entire team of trainers in battles against Legendary Pokemon that teams have dedicated centuries to searching out.

Assault an opposing gym by locating their tower icon on your map and attacking. Before initiating, it’s easy to view their CP level so you know if your team is powerful enough for victory.

Once you have collected all eight gym badges, it’s time to challenge the Elite Four trainers. Be mindful when engaging them that lower-level Pokemon may be more resistant to attacks; be sure to level up before engaging.

Gym Leaders should present the next great test for Pokemon trainers, yet these opponents often fail to present this kind of challenge. Unfortunately, gym leaders rarely do much that would make the experience of fighting them much more tense or rewarding.

First and foremost, they do not utilize hold items like Life Orbs and Choice Scarves that could aid a lower level player in combat.

Gym leaders don’t make use of their gyms for anything other than fighting Pokemon trainers, which makes it easy for players to overlevel their Pokemon prior to entering a gym battle. Furthermore, their Pokemon moves often fall on the annoying rather than powerful side; an issue considering that moves become stronger with time in video games; yet gym leaders don’t appear to take notice of this fact.

7. Battle the Elite Four again

As is customary in the Pokemon series, after defeating all eight Gym Leaders and the Champion, players will face another test from the Elite Four trainers: these powerful trainers will test player abilities as well as knowledge about type effectiveness.

As soon as players arrive at the Elite Four building, Rika will conduct an interview. Her questions are easy and straightforward, although players should remember which answers they chose for Question 4.

Once an interview is over, battles begin in rapid succession – players will not be allowed to leave the room or heal their Pokemon in between battles; therefore it is wise to stock up on Revives and Hyper Potions before engaging.

Once players have defeated all four members of the Elite Four, they may challenge Geeta as champion of Paldea. Her team consists of various Pokemon so players must prepare their teams accordingly.

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