Crystals aren’t just cute water bottles—believers say these stones have healing powers for mind, body and soul. It all comes down to mindset and vibrational frequencies.

Whether you’re looking to attract wealth or overcome fear, this beginner’s guide to crystal healing—by Instagram influencer LovingThyselfRocks—has it all covered. Just remember to cleanse and align crystals and stones before each use.


In her new book, Silbey guides readers with step-by-step crystal instructions that reveal how to vanquish and transform painful feelings like anger, blame, guilt, jealousy, sadness, boredom and apathy. She also helps readers understand the deeper core wounding that supports these emotional upsets, and how to heal it.

Known as the stone of rebirth and regeneration, Jasper is a natural balancer of the physical body and mind. It promotes physical strength and stability and enhances the absorption of vitamins and minerals. For those undergoing detox, Jasper has been shown to balance the triggers that lead to addiction and over-indulgence.

The Picture, Riband and Kalahari Jasper varieties activate dormant areas of the psyche that hold powers such as intuition and clairvoyance. Place a piece of this healing crystal at the entrance of your home to block negative energies from entering. This crystal has been used since ancient Egypt to support spiritual enlightenment and karmic penance. When used in a ritual with a singing bowl, Picture Jasper helps to strengthen immunity. Wear or carry a piece of this healing gemstone to boost self-confidence, creativity and communication skills. It can also inspire a renewed sense of passion in one’s life.


Kyanite isn’t just a pretty gemstone, it’s also a powerful healing crystal. Healers say that this stone helps strengthen and regenerate your entire body. This includes your physical, mental and emotional health. It also boosts your immunity and encourages good sleep habits. In addition, it’s said to help improve your mental power and sharpens your brain, improving neural pathways that create a more cohesive connection between mind and body.

This beautiful glass-like crystal is often used in combination with Black Tourmaline and Selenite, a popular combo for energetic cleansing and protection. This pairing enables you to release any darkness within your energy, then replenish it with pure light from higher realms of consciousness. It’s a fantastic choice for those seeking guidance and purpose in life.

The crystalline structure of Green Kyanite enables this gem to see through the illusions that cloud your judgment. This crystal can then help you uncover the truth and see reality for what it is, cutting through the layers of deceit that keep you from finding happiness and inner peace. Green Kyanite can also act as a bridge between the physical and ethereal energy planes, helping you to become more aware of your guardian angels and protectors.


Citrine is like a sunny friend that lifts your mood when you’re feeling low. It helps you break out of negative thought patterns and heals feelings of fear or doubt. It also releases fears at the core level, helping you to feel empowered and self-confident.

It’s one of the only crystals that doesn’t hold onto or accumulate negative energy, but instead transmutes it. That’s why it’s a great crystal to use when you’re healing your relationships. It clears emotional blocks, including anger, blame, jealousy, depression and insecurity, as well as fears of failure, abandonment and loss.

Before using your Citrine crystal, cleanse it by holding it under running water or leaving it in the sun/moonlight overnight to clear any unwanted energies or previous programming. Once it’s clean, earn to charge a crystal by holding it in your hands, focusing on your intention, and mentally projecting it into the crystal. You can also speak affirmations or mantras into your crystal to help further solidify the program. Then, keep it close by — wear it as jewelry, carry it in your pocket or purse, or place it around your home or workspace.


Aventurine has a strong physical healing effect and is particularly beneficial for the thymus gland, nervous system and adrenal glands. It eases stress in the lungs, helps relax muscles and generally has a calming effect on the body. It also has a very good physical impact on the heart and blood flow and encourages a healthy cardiovascular system.

The healing energy of this crystal is thought to boost the ego and promote feelings of self-worth, confidence and optimism. It encourages those who are struggling with emotional upheaval or overwhelm to trust in their own abilities and not give up on their dreams. Aventurine is an excellent companion for those undergoing change and can help you leap into the next phase of life with grace and a sense of lightness.

It is very important to set your intention or program your crystal when you first work with it. This is what allows it to do its magic and is something many people forget to do. To do this, simply choose a goal that you want to manifest and write it down in as few words or sentences as possible. Then leave the stone with the programmed intention under the sun or moon (for short periods to avoid fading). Keep this book within arm’s reach for answers to all your crystal questions, including crystal pairings and meditations, chakra healing and astrology, crystal water or elixirs, sage smudging and crystal feng shui.


Turquoise is an ancient stone with a rich history, prized for its beauty and healing properties by many cultures of the Old and New Worlds. Its intricate patterns are said to unlock ancient wisdom and help the wearer tap into their intuition. Its soothing energy encourages emotional stability and a steady flow of communication. This beautiful blue crystal is also known to connect the physical and spiritual realms, encouraging intuitive guidance as well as fostering connection to universal love and compassion.

It’s a Throat Chakra stone that encourages the free flow of your truth and makes you feel at ease when speaking up. It’s a great companion to have if you have to deal with rheumatism, allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues or any issue that is related to the throat.

It’s best paired with Rhodochrosite and Carnelian as they stimulate the creative center and ignite your inner passion. This is a wonderful combination to bring you the confidence and courage needed to unleash your unique gifts into this world. Keep this powerful stone by your side to let it guide you through your next level of growth. As with all stones, it’s important to cleanse your Turquoise regularly. Using smudging techniques with sage, Palo Santo or incense or under moonlight can all be used to reset and recharge your crystal.


With its deep, rich green hue and protective qualities, malachite is a crystal that may aid individuals in overcoming negative thoughts or behaviors. It is thought to be a stone of transformation, helping individuals overcome fear and anxiety, encourage spontaneity, and help them feel more empowered to take risks in life. It can also bring light to ties and patterns that may be blocking spiritual growth and help people release them.

It is a powerful stone to use for emotional healing, and when used as part of a crystal grid or meditation, it helps people connect with their inner self and spiritual path. It can help people gain a deeper level of understanding and empathy for others and themselves, as well as encouraging feelings of love and compassion. It is believed to balance the heart chakra and promote emotional stability, which is important for forming and maintaining healthy relationships.

As with all crystals, it is important to work with them with a thoughtful and meaningful intention. Always be sure to consult a qualified medical practitioner or crystal healer before using any stones or crystals for healing or metaphysical purposes. This book is a step-by-step set of crystal instructions that will guide you on your journey to vanquish painful emotions and transform them into harmony and peace.


Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful healing crystals when it comes to keeping your body and spirit in balance. It is especially useful if you struggle with self-sabotage behaviors like drug addiction or self-harm because it helps to clear the blockage that keeps those patterns from fully taking root in your life. It also helps to alleviate symptoms of certain ailments, including joint pain and constipation.

When it comes to spiritual healing, black obsidian is an important part of any journey that involves shadow work, dreamwork, or other forms of spiritual self-exploration. It is a truth-seeking stone that encourages you to face all the different aspects of yourself, even the ones you might be afraid to look at. Rather than push you away from these parts of yourself, it supports you in exploring and embracing them so that your entire being is healed and whole.

Stash these 10 starter crystals in your pocket, adorn them on your altar, or wear them in a piece of jewelry to keep you balanced and grounded on your healing journey! To learn more about the meaning and uses of crystals, check out this comprehensive guide from Energy Muse.


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