When it comes to new features of kitchen faucets, the possibilities are endless. Today, you have many more options than ever before when it comes to faucets because there are so many manufacturers and various kinds of products competing for your attention.

You can have everything from under-mount sinks and spray units to wall-mounted options that will be mounted on your walls. You can also find new attachments for your existing products that will allow for new ways to use your sinks and tubs. For Corrosion-resistant faucets, simply visit braxtonsoupkitchen.

Newer Spray Features in Kitchen Faucets

One of the most popular new features of kitchen faucets is the new spray feature, which is a spray handle attachment. This is a great addition for households with children because they can spray all kinds of items in one motion instead of having to individually turn each handle over.

This has practical benefits, but you can use the spray handle for anything else. For example, you can use it to spray water from the hose or other water source, as well as things like hairsprays and lotions. Just be sure you close the spray handle tightly so that your hair sprays will still come out in one fell swoop.

Under-Counter Faucets

Another new type of kitchen faucet, that is coming on the market is the under-counter faucet. These units are usually below the sink, but they are not difficult to install. The only challenge is that you will need an under-counter water line just for it, so make sure that your home has adequate plumbing before heading down this road.

It is also not a very safe option because you will not know when something is in the line or if the line has been tampered with before you even hook it up. If you do have a leak, however, it will be much easier to detect since you will have water dripping from where it shouldn’t be.

Pull-Out Faucet Options

Next is the new faucet called the pullout faucet. Pullout faucets are great because they allow you to pull out your existing faucet without having to cut through your kitchen cabinets. This can be quite difficult to do, so if you have the pullout faucet, it could be worth it to replace your old faucet with this new option.

You just have to locate the hole in the wall where the old faucet is. The newest addition to the kitchen faucet family is the cartridge faucet. There is really nothing new with these units. The only thing different is that they have a filter inside of them.

The filter takes out all of the allergens and chemicals that are in your water, so it is healthier and better for you. In addition, some of the new models feature a remote control, which makes it easier for you to change out the settings without having to get up and move your arm.

Ceramic Faucets

Another one of the new features is the ceramic faucet. Ceramic faucets can have a variety of different designs on them. This is one way to customize the look of your bathroom or kitchen. Some of the newer ones will also have a sprayer that you can use to mist your plants or other parts of the house.

There are many new features on the older ones, too. If yours has a sprayer, now is the time to find a model that will accommodate it. There are many other new options available on the market today, too. If you are looking for a faucet that will be used in your child’s room, you can get one that is gender-specific.

This is a great way to add a fun and unique feature to your kid’s room that has lots of styles and uses. Another great addition is a kitchen timer, which is a nice safety feature to have around. Kitchen faucets are great investments that you can buy for your home.

Just make sure you know what to look for when you are buying a new one. You can learn more about all the new features of kitchen faucets by checking online at the website Faucet Central. Here you will get an assortment of new features and what they can do for your home.


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