Travel to Carlisle Bay to relax along its soft sands and gaze upon its calm turquoise waters, or admire the sunset from cliff-side locations such as Animal Flower Cave or North Point.

Experience Barbados’ natural wonders at Harrison’s Cave, a limestone formation with large natural openings offering panoramic ocean views, or hunte’s Gardens, an interior garden designed by Anthony Hunte located within a gully.

1. Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave is Barbados’s only accessible sea cave. Dubbed after its stunning formation by tidewater, with sea anemones adorning its rock pools, this tidal cave offers breathtaking views of Barbados’ north point while providing access to some breathtaking marine scenes that come crashing against coral limestone cliffs.

Visitors enter the cave via coral-carved steps carved directly into the rock face, before walking along its water-smoothed floor and exploring ancient natural halls. Visitors may also swim in one of its crystal clear rock pools if visiting between February and April when humpback whales may pass by.

At the heart of the island is Andromeda Garden, boasting a gorgeous and lush landscape of exotic plants and flowers that guests can stroll through to view birds, lizards and butterflies.

2. Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave, situated at the center of the island, is the Caribbean’s largest drive-in cave and home to magnificent natural formations such as stalagmites and stalactites. Visitors are welcome to explore Harrison’s Cave via tram while also strolling along glistening streams or swimming alongside spectacular waterfalls.

Bridgetown Beach embodies all of the familiar Caribbean cliches, from soft sands to towering palm trees and crystal clear waters. Enjoy swimming in its calm waters or exploring its shipwreck. Moreover, discover more of Barbados’ history at George Washington House.

Visit coral reefs up close on an unforgettable submarine tour. Your journey includes a short boat ride before diving 40 minutes underwater where you’ll witness an abundance of marine life! Perfect for families with kids.

3. Gun Hill

Only three Jacobean mansions remain in the Western Hemisphere, and one can be found on Barbados. St. Nicholas Abbey was constructed in the 1650s, and features distinct Dutch gables, chimney stacks and coral stone finials that give this home its characteristic look. Inside you can admire antique furniture, Chinese Chippendale staircases and beautiful china; or take a tour through tranquil gardens and gullies as well as visiting boiling house/rum factory complex or ride steam train around property!

Visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve to witness monkeys, peacocks, flamingos, turtles, and exotic birds freely roaming in their natural environment. Afterward, head up Gun Hill signal station for stunning panoramic views of the island; its name comes from an 1857 cannon that was fired here daily at noon during Sepoy Mutiny.

4. Flower Forest Botanical Gardens

Barbados comes close to having its own zoo at this nature preserve, filled with free-roaming wildlife such as green monkeys and pink flamingos – not forgetting some beautiful exotic plants and birds! Be sure to arrive during feeding times for maximum viewing pleasure.

Explore one of America’s historic gardens at this breathtaking garden location. Stroll through its exquisite planting species while admiring this incredible place of history.

Walk leisurely through this gorgeous yet easily navigable gardens of this horticulture lover’s haven. Home to an exquisite waterfall, coral grotto and five orchid houses – not to mention one of the world’s largest umbrella palm trees!

5. Submarine Tour

Experienced divers should not overlook taking a submarine tour as an important bucket list item. By planning appropriately, an underwater expedition can become a memorable and fun-filled experience for everyone in your group. If you want to know more about luxurious Barbados villas that you can stay in while having fun in your submarine tour, I suggest you check out the link.

Barbados, with its crystal waters and white sand beaches, historic bridges, plantations and rich cultural history is a captivating Caribbean destination. Brimming with tales of pirates and British colonialism, this island paradise boasts natural beauty as well as historical attractions that cannot be missed!

Harrison’s Cave is one of Barbados’s spectacular natural marvels, boasting exquisite rock formations that can be explored either on foot or via tram. Or visit Animal Flower Cave – a large natural cave considered one of Barbados’ most stunning and unusual attractions and an ideal destination for romantic getaways; another great animal-related spot is Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary nearby.

6. St. Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey stands out from other rum distilleries by hosting not only a Jacobean-style mansion and museum but also exotic birds and an electric railway system. Established in 1658, this property remains one of only three genuine Jacobean manor houses in Western Hemisphere.

Since 2006, it had remained in the Cave family’s hands until being purchased by Barbados-born architect Larry Warren and his wife Anna as an investment. Under their care it has been restored into a heritage attraction featuring museums and self-supporting distilleries.

Visitors to Cherry Tree Hill can take a guided tour of the great house before enjoying a ride back in time on the heritage railway, enjoying beautiful views of its tropical forest surroundings on their journey towards Cherry Tree Hill. Once there, guests can also sample a smooth brandy-like rum from Cherry Tree Hill Estate!

7. Cricket

One of the island’s premier attractions, this picturesque beach is an absolute must. Boasting white sands and calm turquoise waters, this is the ideal location for sunbathing or taking a refreshing swim.

Views over the Atlantic can be spectacular from above the water, offering captivating glimpses of sea turtles as they glide along. Stingrays, barracuda and Green and Hawksbill seahorses can often be found gracing this splendid location.

History buffs should visit Morgan Lewis Windmill for a unique glimpse of how sugarcane was harvested decades ago. Additionally, visit Queen’s Park Baobab Tree and Nidhe Israel Synagogue as other historic landmarks, and experience breathtaking Caribbean sunsets!

8. Beaches

Strolling along Barbados’ picturesque beaches is one of the island’s top activities, and Carlisle Bay in particular offers up idyllic white-sandy shores surrounded by calm turquoise waters – making this ideal for indulging your Caribbean cliches or exploring nearby shipwrecks.

Silver Sands Beach on the south tip of the island offers watersport enthusiasts an ideal place to indulge, thanks to steady winds that attract windsurfers and kitesurfers alike. Or simply soak up some sunshine while admiring its picturesque scenery!

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve can be found in Bridgetown and offers visitors an idyllic opportunity to spot monkeys, deer, peacocks, and more! Wander around its crisscrossing paths and get lost among its lush flora; additionally there is also a fountain and charming colonial bandstand within this shady park; don’t forget the iconic baobab tree which is estimated at being over one millennium old!

9. Restaurants

The Animal Flower Cave is an incredible natural wonder located near the northern tip of Barbados. Boasting crystal-clear pools and jagged openings, its dramatic landscape will leave visitors breathless! Offering short guided tours for those brave enough to dive in!

At this historic site, once home of wealthy colonial landowners such as Sir Graham Briggs, visitors are warmly welcomed at this national park. Boasting beautiful mahogany groves and panoramic east coast views, visitors can stroll leisurely through this lovely setting while marvelling at breathtaking vistas from its hillsides and scenic viewpoints. Plus, during summer nights visitors can enjoy al fresco reggae concerts!

Explore this garden’s maze of winding pathways and enjoy getting lost as you discover lizards scurrying beneathfoot, singing birds and classical music – not forgetting its scenic picnic spot and lush botanical reserve with tropical flowers and exotic plants!

10. Shopping

Visit Bridgetown to experience duty free shopping in Barbados. There are multiple malls and stores that provide everything from jewellery to designer handbags at duty-free prices.

Oistins Fish Fry is an essential experience for visitors new to the island, featuring bars, rum shops and restaurants along its route. Held every Friday night and featuring food, drinks and live reggae music performances.

Animal Flower Cave in Barbados is another natural attraction worth discovering, boasting an assortment of sealife such as stingrays and squirrelfish as well as offering stunning panoramic ocean views through large openings. Furthermore, Farley Hill National Park on the northern edge is an idyllic reserve featuring an abandoned manor house among majestic mahogany trees – ideal for picnicking!

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