Remodeling a bathroom can be an intricate undertaking, due to the various shaped rooms and sloped ceilings involved. Finding storage space may prove challenging as well as dealing with windowless spaces.

Marble is a timeless natural material that can add luxuriousness to any bathroom space, be it countertops, floors or walls. Marble’s timeless appeal elevates even the simplest bathroom suite into something truly amazing.

Feature Wall

Accent walls can add flair and character to any room, especially the bathroom. An accent wall is an effective way to highlight either an eclectic vibe or timeless and classic design style, whether through painting a mural on the wall, wallpapering, wood panelling, or creating your own hand-drawn accent wall using stencils.

If you choose a dark color as an accent wall color, make sure that other parts of the room remain light so it doesn’t dominate the space. Bright hues also work well in smaller rooms as they give an illusion of openness.

Bathroom vanities tend to be the focal point, but you can steal the show by creating an eye-catching accent wall behind it. This idea works especially well in small bathrooms where an accent wall design can frame windows or mirrors with its attractive patterns and designs.

An accent wall can make an instant statement in larger rooms. To achieve maximum effectiveness, choose a design that complements both your overall aesthetic and other elements in the bathroom – for instance a floor-to-ceiling quartz wall featuring a standalone countertop can provide both style and function simultaneously!

Not only can you give your bathroom a refreshed appearance by updating its walls, but updating its flooring can give it a whole new feel too! There are literally endless choices when it comes to flooring; always consult a professional when making this decision! Whether that means just replacing tiles or going all-out with intricate patterns designed to complement or contrast with the color scheme in the rest of the room is up to you – whatever suits your fancy!

Statement Lighting

Lighting is one of the key components in bathroom design, and an opportunity to express some unique style. Chandeliers and recessed fixtures offer easy ways to refresh a bath space.

Top designers employ various fixture options when crafting the ideal bathroom lighting scheme, from wall sconces and flush mounts to overhead installations. Symmetrical sconces flanking a vanity mirror are a timeless design choice that works in any style space; brass fixtures add mid-Century elegance; these sleek styles range from wide saucer lanterns to minimalist bubble shades, some featuring lacquered finishes for moisture resistance and mold prevention. Bathroom design choices by Steven can be a good reference for your own bathroom renovation.

Recessed lighting can be the ideal choice for bathrooms with limited ceiling space, providing brightness while acting as a creative framing technique to frame feature walls, freestanding tubs or built-in shelves. Furthermore, recessed lights are excellent at emphasizing decorative accessories like plants or wood wall hangings.

Decorating lighting can add character and personality to a small bathroom or powder room. A light shade that resembles candlestick can instantly elevate a traditional bath, while an eye-catching floor lamp adds flair and drama in compact bathrooms.

Bathroom colors have the power to alter how we perceive and use space. Lighter hues such as white and gray create an airier feeling in rooms while darker hues add warmth. Before making a final decision on a color scheme, be sure to test various combinations out first – remembering to combine bold hues with neutral accents that won’t compete too heavily with your statement light fixture choice.

Natural Materials

Natural materials add warmth and character to any bathroom, from stone and wood flooring, to textures on walls for texture or accent walls, as well as sinks and tubs crafted of these durable materials. Stone also works well as an underfoot feel in flooring projects for unique underfoot experiences and sinks crafted of these stones can add organic feel.

Wood can be utilized in multiple ways, from wainscoting to cabinets. It can add an attractive modern look that can be painted or stained for a custom finish; additionally, this solution reduces wasteful renovation processes by eliminating patching holes in walls – great for eco-friendly renovation projects!

Pebbles can add an earthy charm and help create an inviting, relaxing space in any bathroom. Affording you an inexpensive solution that will bring nature right into the space!

Add an element of nature without overwhelming the space with a more subtle approach by planting a small garden in one corner or installing an oversized window with views of trees, gardens or water features – especially helpful in small bathrooms as this helps expand their sense of space and feel larger! This idea works especially well when decorating small bathrooms as it helps open them up while making them seem larger than they actually are.

Change out fixtures as a quick and affordable bathroom makeover idea is simple and fast, without being costly. Swapping out faucets and shower heads with something different adds instant character to any space, with endless finishes and patterns available so there’s sure to be something suitable for every design aesthetic. Plus, add an eco-friendly twist by purchasing low-flow fixtures with water-saving showerheads that switch themselves off automatically or have buttons for quick on and off control – great additions for adding style without breaking the bank!


Bathrooms are essential spaces to our health and wellbeing; we use it daily to wake up, brush our teeth, take care of daily hygiene needs, unwind at the end of a busy day, or relax afterward. Therefore, keeping it stylish yet functional is of utmost importance; updating its decor can have a dramatic impact on how much we enjoy spending time there.

No matter the size of your bathroom, there are creative ideas available to make it more interesting and personal. One option is adding a feature wall; whether painted in bright hues or covered in wallpaper can add personality. Another creative idea for personalizing it can include installing a patterned tile floor which not only adds texture and colour, but can make the space seem larger as well.

Storage is of paramount importance in any bathroom, particularly if working with limited space. One effective strategy to increase storage is by installing additional cabinets or built-in closets – this will allow you to keep items out of sight while simultaneously increasing capacity without cluttering up the room. You could also opt for discreet solutions like recessed shelving for discreetly adding more storage while not taking up valuable floor space.

If you have a half bath, make it seem larger by installing a slimline sink and larger countertop to store items. This also gives the room a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Additionally, try opting for bright light colors as these often make spaces feel airier and larger.

Storage Solutions

To make your bathroom an oasis, ample storage will be key. Find ways to maximize space while keeping essentials within reach.

To come up with a simple yet stylish way of organizing toiletries and other items that would otherwise clutter countertops or drawers: decorative baskets! These decorative containers add color, texture and style while keeping things organized and accessible.

Alternately, you could create an ingenious built-in storage solution by building deep shelves behind your mirror. While often underestimated as a storage option, this shelving provides additional room to store everything from skincare products and cotton swabs to hair products and tools – ideal for making use of narrow spaces!

Your bathroom could benefit from hanging a bar cart to store toiletries, extra towels and other necessities. The rolling wheels of the cart make it easy to move it around while keeping your space organized and neat. Many prefer utility cart in particular for bathrooms – its towels rest comfortably at its base while upper trays provide storage for cosmetics and other essentials.

Bathrooms can be busy places, making maintaining them increasingly challenging as clutter builds. Creative storage solutions may include installing pleated fabric skirts behind sinks to conceal unsightly toiletries or cleaning supplies from view; hanging hooks around the room to hang robes and towels is another easy and effective solution; additionally, cabinet door fronts make great places for hanging items as well.

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