Decor is key to making your home unique, but adding it can be costly. Luckily, there are lots of easy ways you can enhance it without breaking the bank!

Throw blankets can serve double duty as accent pieces. Or you could cover clear containers with decorative paper or washi tape to make them both beautiful and functional.


One of the easiest and quickest ways to transform any space is through lighting. Chandeliers offer an attractive alternative to regular lamp or standing lights as they look like pieces of art hanging from the ceiling and add an instant upgrade for any room in any home or office setting.

Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes. Some chandeliers can be as big as works of art while others are much smaller; finding one to fit your space without being too big or small should be your goal. One way of doing so is measuring your room beforehand before choosing a chandelier that matches that measurement.

Installing a chandelier should follow its directions precisely. For instance, when working with metal chain chandeliers make sure you use heavy-duty wire nuts to secure them to the ceiling and that bulbs are properly connected.

An elegant chandelier is an essential feature in any home, offering an affordable way to add instantaneous style and ambience in the living area. A chandelier can instantly transform it into an inviting place where family can gather to relax or host guests for entertaining events.


Mirrors can serve more than one function; they’re also functional pieces of decor. Their shape and frame can create an entirely new aesthetic in a room; it is important that you select one that reflects your personal decorating taste.

Mirrors with rustic wood or woven frames may add an earthy charm, while metallic finishes add glamour and elegance. Mirrors also serve as great surfaces to display art or plants on.

One popular way of using mirrors is to hang one opposite a doorway to make narrow hallways feel wider. But be wary not to overcrowd any given wall with too many mirrors–doing so can cause the space to feel too busy and overcrowded.

Mirrors can also serve as windows to the outside world, bringing the outdoors inside and brightening up any room they’re placed in. This is particularly useful in darker rooms that don’t receive as many natural lights; alternatively you could place one on your mantelpiece to add personality or even decorate one with feminine form mugs or motivational wall prints for a more feminine vibe in your home office.


Plants are an effortless way to make any space feel fresh and welcoming, whether that means filling windowsills with succulents or choosing something dramatic such as a fiddle leaf fig tree as the centerpiece of your living space. Even those without much green thumb may benefit from adding faux plants as they provide beautiful aesthetics without as much maintenance hassle.

If your kitchen feels bland, consider updating how you styled its countertops by adding decorative accents that combine function and style – like rope baskets and bins as storage solutions, as well as gorgeous marble cutting boards. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this aspect of design!

No matter the size or location of your home office, cute desk accessories will help keep it organized and productive. A corkboard, dry erase board or calendar are great DIY home decor ideas that are sure to wow visitors – customize one with photos for even greater impact!

Upholstered Stairs

Upholstering stairs is an effective way to add color and pattern to your space, adding color and interest with upholstering. Select fabric that echoes the hues on your walls or add a carpet runner in a different hue for contrast; adding patterns like leopard spots can really stand out while subtler polka dots may have more of an understated impact. If overdoing it becomes an issue, restrict pattern only to just your stairs while matching its design with wooden hallway floor ideas for maximum impact.

When given enough space, a sofa can transform an entryway into a mini living area and serve as the focal point of a staircase. Here, a cozy blue sofa perfectly matches both its color and that of its rug for an integrated look.

Sisal carpet offers an elegant traditional aesthetic in any setting, making it an eco-friendly and hardwearing solution that stands up well over time. Available in an array of colors and patterns to complement wood hallway floor ideas or stand out, such as its chevron pattern that instantly modernizes country schemes or works well with neutral modern furniture pieces.


At home decor stores in Portland and Seattle, one of the best ways to enhance a room is with an area rug. Not only will a rug add warmth and definition, it can tie together the colors in your furniture, curtains, wallpaper and paint colors seamlessly. When choosing a patterned rug ensure that the colors in its pattern match or contrast with what exists elsewhere in your room.

Think of your furniture placement on the rug like art; center it around an architectural element (fireplace, large windows or main focal wall) so it has a sense of balance and weight.

Rugs make the ideal backdrop to showcase your favorite works of art. Framing pictures and magazine clippings are great ways to do this, but get creative by including items that are special or personal such as your trip map or children’s artwork and drawings – or add an eye-catching pop of color by including an upholstered chair adorned with decoupage made out of wrapping paper or decorative papers!


Bee nursery themed bookcases can be an ideal place for organizing and displaying decorative objects like vases and picture frames. To add flair, try painting or wallpapering the back with floral, toile, or damask prints; or create an eye-catching feature by building in bookshelves that cover an entire wall extending throughout space.

Decorating a bookshelf may seem like an impossible feat, but these tried-and-true shelf decorating tips will help your style flourish. First off, stagger the heights of groupings on each shelf: start with round objects like trays, mirrors or shallow baskets and layer two taller items next to it before finishing it off with something shorter that provides visual balance.

Layering adds visual interest to a shelf display. To do this, stack hardcover and paperback books together before adding another object – like plants or decorative boxes – on top. Tucking family photos under your bookshelves keeps everything tidy and organized.


No matter if it’s on your home office desk, powder room counter or entryway console table – decorative yet functional storage pieces make an impactful statement in any space. “Find something that speaks to your personality while providing practical storage needs for everyday items such as handwoven baskets or an open box covered in decoupage paper – or maybe a frame with photos from past vacation spots!” advises Guyton.

If productivity is key in your WFH setup, consider incorporating a dry erase or cork board for keeping track of important dates and deadlines. Or add a personalized desktop calendar for extra help staying on task throughout the year!

Shelves provide an elegant way to display all your beloved collectibles and decorative accents, or you can create an eye-catching statement wall by stacking books vertically as shown here for an eye-catching effect.

Paint or hardware updates can quickly give any room an updated feel without breaking the bank. A DIY project with friends could give your living room, bedroom or kitchen an entirely different feel!

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